End of Semester News

Lots of exciting news that I have been negligent in posting.

A new gradate student, Yussuf Fasasi, has joined the group! He is going to be working in collaboration with the Young group in ChemE on performing simulations of ion insertion in thin-film materials.

Irina has been selected for an REU at Vanderbilt University for the summer. She’ll be working on performing machine-learning calculations to estimate docking scores for medicinal chemistry. There is a real chance given my meager knowledge of biology/biochemistry there is something not 100% correct in the previous sentence.

Lastly, Dylan has been named a Cherng Summer Scholar here at Mizzou, which means he will be able to perform research with the group all summer. On the topic of Dylan’s research, we hope to have an exciting followup by the end of the summer.

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