Jonathan’s paper published in JCP!

Two posts in one day!?!

Jonathan’s paper has also been published in JCP (directly after Naresh’s!). In this paper, we derive the full multicomponent MP3 and MP4 equations for the first time. Multicomponent MP4 performs surprising well considering the well known failures of multicomponent HF. This paper is also the first time any connected triple-excitation contribution has been included in a many-body multicomponent method and these triple excitations are shown to increase the accuracy of proton affinities significantly.

Kurt did most of the derivations of this paper, while Jonathan did the herculean job of coding it all up. The reason I (Kurt) mention this is that I can still remember being a sophomore undergraduate just starting research and being handed a copy of Szabo and Ostlund and thinking the Hugenholtz and Goldstone diagrams in it and on the cover were the COOLEST thing ever (not that I understood them until a few years ago). While I may no longer think they are the “coolest thing ever,” I still am pretty happy in a silly way that this is the first paper I have been a part of that has made use of them.

Link is here:

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